Bankruptcy Attorney Encinitas

Last updated: March 2019
bankruptcy attorney encinitasWhat makes Seymour & Feingold the bankruptcy attorney Encinitas residents trust with their bankruptcy filings?

Aided by many years of experience, Seymour & Feinstein has helped Encinitas residents from all over town and from all walks of life get their financial life back. That’s the bottom line. From feeling a sense of panic and helplessness as bills come in month after month to breathing free with a sense of optimism, our clients get the break they need.

Seymour & Feingold are hard-working lawyers who will help you through all stages of the bankruptcy process. We don’t just help clients fill out forms. Instead, we offer a full service ‘soup to nuts’ comprehensive service that ensures you get maximum peace of mind. As the experience of our many clients attest to, our thorough approach helps ensure they avoid bankruptcy proceedings in the future.

Starting with client intake and initial assessment, we help you get a clear understanding of your exact financial state. Maybe you’re just aware of the tip of your financial iceberg. By walking you through the process of identifying and understanding your assets and liabilities we help you get a Big Picture view of the true health of your personal finances. Our comforting yet enlightening process is why so many of our clients consider us as the bankruptcy attorney Encinitas residents should go to as a first resort. We have worked hard over the years to gain this ‘Encinitas bankruptcy go to solution’ reputation.

After you have a clear understanding of your debt, we then consult with you regarding which debts are dis-chargeable. Once you have this information, we will present you with whatever options the US Bankruptcy Code has made available to individuals in your situation. We will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of these options. You will also get advice on time frames in the context of the bills and debts you have coming due currently. We give you all this information so you can make a truly informed decision about the legal options you have available to you. This way, you can plan your next move correctly.

After you have made up your mind regarding which route to take, we provide you with the appropriate forms to make the filing you have decided on. One of our lawyers can also help you with whatever questions you may have regarding the materials you’re filling out.

Once the Bankruptcy Trustee has gone over your assets, we will make a court appearance with you and the trustee for a ‘341 hearing.’ This is a crucial part of the bankruptcy process because this involves the Bankruptcy asking you key questions regarding your filing. You will be making statements under oath during this hearing with your lawyer. To make sure you avoid common mistakes made by people who self-file bankruptcy filings, contact us today. Even if you have made up your mind to file for bankruptcy protection, our free consultation might turn up some issues that you may have overlooked. Contact our law offices today so you can find out first hand why I am the bankruptcy attorney Encinitas residents seek out for top notch yet affordable expert bankruptcy assistance.